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Your DNA Is literally like a road map to great results!


The power of personalised nutrition

There’s no such thing as a one size fits all approach to diet and nutrition, so we help you discover your unique nutrigenomic profile, with an in-depth selection of personalised insights.

Discover how to build your perfect meal, with carbohydrate & fat response, take control of your long-term health with personalised nutrient recommendations.

Tailor your nutrition & lifestyle choices toyour inherited genetic risks and profile.


Scan DNA genomic analysis bring you personalised..

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Enhancing Sport
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Scan DNA Kit Packages

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Basic Package

  • "I want a new approach to my diet and nutrition"

An Nutrigenomics based Personalized Preventive Healthcare Program It is a one-time cost you will incur to accurately understand your genomic profile.

  • Here's what you get +
  • 13999 /-
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Advance Package

  • "I want a fitness, nutrition & wellbeing makeover"

An Advance Nutrigenomics based Personalized Preventive Healthcare Program It is a one-time cost you will incur to accurately understand your genomic profile.

  • Here's what you get +
  • 24999 /-
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Kids Package

  • "I want the world’s most comprehensive DNA test"

An Advance Nutrigenomics based Personalized Preventive Healthcare Program It is a one-time cost you will incur to accurately understand your genomic profile.

  • Here's what you get +
  • 9999 /-

Why you need Scan DNA program

Better lifestyle interventions.

A large number of conditions such as Diabetes,Obesity, and Cardiovascular Diseases can be prevented by lifestyle interventions.

Early detection

More options than traditional medicine! Early detection could help open different treatment avenues, diet and exercise routines, learn more about drug efficacy.

Highly cost effective

It provides more information to your health care providers, is highly cost-effective, and saves a large amount on health insurance.

Better health management

Getting tested early is key to better health management. Being forewarned is being forearmed.


USP for DNA Saliva collection Kit

indly find the below information about our Saliva Collection Kit.

MagStable DNA Saliva Collection Kit:

MagStable offers an easy, convenient and safe method for the collection, stabilization, transportation and storage of saliva samples Saliva Preservation Solution effectively stabilizes buccal cells and white blood cells found in saliva 2 year at room temperature.

Painless, non invasive and convenient sample collection.
DNA Stable at room temperature for 2 years
Inactivate any virus or Microorganisms in the saliva samples
High quality Intact genomic DNA can be obtained
Median A260/280 ration of 1.8
Suitable for NGS, Microarray, GWAS, GSA and PCR applications
Total gDNA yield more than 20 μg from 1ml sample of stored Saliva
Compatible with Automated Nucleic acid Instruments. Stability testing on going further
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DNA Saliva Sample Collection Procedure

All home SCAN-DNA sample collection kits are sent in discreet packaging meaning you can have your mind at rest that the test is done in total anonymity.

A simple sample collection of your saliva using our SCAN-DNA sample collection kit is all we need to carry out DNA analysis in the laboratories.

Discover More

Scan DNA helps you achieve your holistic health goals

Scan DNA helps you become the best possible version of yourself. We promise a smarter, easier and more effective solution to health and fitness, entirely unique to your DNA profile. Whatever your goal, Scan DNA can personalise your path to a healthier and happier life.

Macronutrient Response
Personalised Nutrient Needs
Food Sensitivities & Intolerances
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Optimal Exercise Response
Injury & Recovery Profiles
Sleep & Stress Reports

Scan DNA Program Procedure

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Saliva Sample

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Want to know more?

Your DNA never changes, so you only need to take the SCAN-DNA once for a lifetime of change.

The nutrigenomics is backed by a project called as Human Genome Project. Human Genome Project was an international scientific research project with the goal of determining the base pairs that make up human DNA, and of identifying and mapping all of the genes of the human genome from both a physical and a functional standpoint.

Our DNA is what makes us who we are, so we put in place a strict data protection policy. Because of the same you know your data is secure.Your results are stored under an anonymous ID to create your reports. We only test for the genes we need, and destroy your sample once the lab has completed the analysis.

We’ve helped everyone from absolute beginners to athletes reach their goals. Whether you want to improve performance, to lose weight, or just be a little healthier.Your DNA holds vital information on the best way to do that, for you.

SCAN DNA is backed by the Govt of India recognized, DSIR approved & NABL accredited R & D Center. It has experience in genomic research services for more than a decade, which ensures accuracy in testing. The advisory board includes experts in various fields like genomics, diet, exercise, molecular diagnostics, which ensures quality deliverables.

Your privacy is central to our mission. At SCAN-DNA, we help guide our clients’ healthcare decisions through tools like clinical-grade genetic testing and personalized health insights. Safeguarding the privacy and security of your personal health information is among our most important responsibilities. our methods to scientific peer-review.

SCAN-DNA test is a one-time test for accurately understanding genomic profile, that unveils the factors responsible for Holistic Health Management bymaking personalized and smart lifestyle choices. Based on the genomic profile we provide tailor-made nutrition & lifestyle choices to reduce risks of diseases.

Your results are a great starting point for more family history research, and it can also be a way to dig even deeper into the research you've already done.Your SCAN-DNA results include, information about your geographic origins and identifies potential relatives through DNA matching to others who have taken the SCAN-DNA test.

SCAN-DNA is a simple saliva test you can do in the comfort of your own home.Once you order, The sample kit reaches you via courier. Your SCAN-DNA kit includes full instructions, a saliva collection tube, and a prepaid return mailer (so you don't have additional costs to return your DNA). Provide a saliva sample as per instructions.We arrange a pickup of the sample from your place. The sample reaches the lab and undergoes details of genomic testing.A comprehensive report is generated and shared via email and trough app in the downloadable format. Connect with our expert counselor to understand your report and personalized lifestyle plan.

Since, reports are generated automatically by using various advanced and automated technologies used in laboratories like GSA V3, TaqMan, PCR, which have highest precision and sensitivity.

Yes definitely women’s can take the SCAN0DNA test. SCNA-DNA test is helpful in understanding and achieving the health goals, like to improve performance, to lose weight, or just be a little healthier. Hence, it can be suggested in women to unveil many complicated issues like hormonal imbalance, PCOS, irregular menses, obesity and other lifestyle disease related issues.

When your DNA results are ready, you will receive an email from SCAN-DNA notifying you, with a link to view your results. Your results will also be available online in your password-protected SCAN-DNA account.

Your SCAN-DNA test results will normally take about minimum 21days to process from the time that the lab receives your DNA sample.

Since, the entire testing is based upon various advanced and automated technologies like GSA V3, TaqMan, PCR, which have highest precision and sensitivity.


Nutrigenomic Counselors


Scientific Research Papers on ScanDNA-Nutrigenomics