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Mybooster Product

The water which keeps all the diseases away and heals your body from within i.e

Buder Alkaline Water Ionizer - 7 Plates (HI-TA 817)

Energize your mind, body, heart and soul with the Award Winning Alkaline Water Ionizers from the World’s leading manufacturer- Maxell Ltd.

Highest ORP

Provides ORP upto -1000 mV which reduces the oxidation in the body by eliminating the reactive oxygen and slows the aging process to allow the cells to heal faster

Filtration System

Inbuilt 4 stage filtration system with 0.1 micron UF membrane that removes 13 Types of Contaminants with a Filter Lifetime of 12,000L

7 Platinum Plates

The Platinum-Titanium Electrode Plates are thicker and larger than the Electrodes of other brands which provides better electrolysis output for all types of uses.

Patented Design

Electrodes are designed using Maxell's Patented Surface Treatment Technology for enhanced durability and electrolysis efficiency.

ISO Certified

Certified by Water Quality Association, Illinois, USA and ISO-13485 for Medical Grade Device Manufacturing and Assembly.

Self Cleaning Technology

Patented Reverse Cleaning Technology which cleans the Electrode Surface 3600 times per hour to prevent build up of mineral deposits on Electrode Surface.

Mybooster Product

Hydrogen Water Generator Bottle (HI-TA 13)

Recharge your water and enrich your body with active antioxidants with the Buder HI-TA 13 Hydrogen Bottle designed and manufactured by Maxell Ltd. in Japan

High Efficiency Electrolysis

Very well designed Platinum electrodes does very quick electrolysis & generates Hydrogen Water quickly.

High Corrosion Resistence

Patented Platinum electrodes design which resists corrosion & increases the life of electrodes.

Hydrogen Concentration

Generates 900 ppb Hydrogen Concentration in just 3 minutes

One Touch Activation

Activates Hydrogen Generation of the water by just one touch. Very Simple & easy to use.

Rechargeble Battery

Battery of the Bottle is chargeable by using USB charger anywhere, anytime.

Portable Design

Can carry bottle anywhere easily, charge it easily & generate Hydrogen Water anywhere anytime when we want to drink it.

Mybooster Product

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