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Hydrogen Water Generator

This premium portable device generates Hydrogen Rich Water for you, wherever you go.
Specially designed for individuals on the move, the Hydrogen Water Bottle produces Hydrogen Water in just 3 minutes!

Feature packed with portability

The device comes packed with convvenient features such as long lasting battery life, replaceable filter cartridge, and USB charging so that you can charge it anywhere you are! Even more, it can generate Hydrogen Water upto 20 times in one single charge.

Hydrogen Water Generator

Hydrogen water has been clinically proven to normalize blood pressure and maintain the optimum blood flow to organs of the body.

Hydrogen Rich water has been shown to stabilize blood sugar of patients with type-2 diabetes or impaired glusoce tolerance.

Hydrogen Rich water promotes the metabolism of fat by flushing out fatty acids from your cells and preventing them from accumulating.

Step 1- Hydrogen Water flushes fatty acids from the cells by penetrating deep

Step 2- Fatty Acids travel to the Liver where they are converted into Glucose

Step 3- Glucose is burned by the Muscles, which leave Lactic Acid as waste products

Step 4- Hydrogen Water neutralizes Lactic Acid which allows your muscles to burn more fat

Hydrogen Water Generator

Patented Electrode Design with the Largest Area

The unique 360° Triple Layer Design ensures the best diffusion of Hydrogen in the water and makes rapid Hydrogen generation possible.

These Patented Platinum Electrodes are the largest in area compared to all other Protable Hydrogen Generators and produces the highest concentration of Hydrogen in just 3 minutes. The 360° design provides the even concentration of hydrogen in the water.

Automatic Backwash – Self Cleaning System

The Patented Electrodes are integrated with the Patented Reverse Cleaning system that cleans the Electrode surface eautomatically to avoid scaling and residual Hydrogen.

This patented technology also gives your Hydrogen Water Bottle a long life and maintenance free operation.

Hydrogen Water Generator

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