Q: What is MyBooster?

A: MyBooster is a premier ecommerce portal with a vast range of excellent products sourced from the best manufacturers and brands across the world.


Q: Where is MyBooster based?

A: MyBooster has its administrative office in Pune, with multiple facilitation centers across India.


Q: What are the unique benefits of MyBooster?

A: MyBooster offers the world’s best healthcare and nutrition products made by the most reputed manufacturers across the globe. MyBooster offers a holistic approach to healthy living, coupled with an amazing Four Door income opportunity


Q: Where can I buy MyBooster’s Products?

A: All of MyBooster’s Products can be purchased through MyBooster’s members / distributors across India.


Q: How can I find a distributor near me?

A: You can visit MyBooster’s website and add the products in your cart. Upon checkout, you will be informed about the nearest members / distributors from whom you can purchase the products.


Q: What is the Boost Assist Plan

A: The Boost Assist Plan is an accessible program where MyBooster offers an affordable installment plan to purchase Buder’s 7-plate Alkaline Water Ionizer (HI-TA 817). The details of the Boost Assist Plan are available on MyBooster’s website.


Q: How can I Register in MyBooster?

A: Registration in MyBooster is FREE. Login to www.MyBooster.bizand click on the ‘Register’ link on the homepage. Fill in the simple details as required and Register as a MyBooster Member


Q: Can I register in MyBooster as a Company?

A: Yes, Registration in MyBooster is available for Individuals as well as Company. You have a preference to choose this option at the start of Registration. However a GST No. will be mandatory after you cross the turnover limit.


Q: What will I need for the Online Registration?

A: Apart from your own Credentials, you will need the ID of your Sponsor; an email ID and a Mobile number.


Q: Why do I need to have a Sponsor?

A: To conduct MyBooster business opportunity successfully you will need a mentor to guide you through this seamlessly. You will also need a Placement ID, by default it will be your Sponsor ID but your mentor will inform you accordingly.


Q: After Registration what next?

A: On successful Registration you will get an Email, with your Login and Password. You will be forcibly guided to change your Login Password at the first login, and that the Login Password & Transaction Password cannot be same.


Q: Why can’t both Passwords be same?

A: This is for your own security; transaction password can be used for transferring PV, making Withdrawals, confirming Purchases and other sensitive transactions.


Q: Is a PAN Card compulsory?

A: Yes, according to the current laws a PAN Card Number and uploading the Image of your PAN Card is mandatory, for completing your KYC. This should match with your Name used for Registration.


Q: What else is required for completing KYC information?

A: You can upload your Aadhaar Card, Passport or Driving license as your address proof to complete your KYC. This should match with your Name used for Registration.


Q: When will my ID be activated?

A: When you Purchase Products worth equal or more than 3000 PV your ID will be activated (Orange). However there is a cooling period of 15 days, as laid down by the Guidelines formed by GOI till your ID becomes totally active (Green), to enjoy all benefits offered by MyBooster opportunity.


Q: What happens if I do not purchase any Product?

A: If you do not activate your ID within 30 days of your Registration, it will be permanently deactivated.


Q: Why is my Mother’s name mandatory?

A: This is your secret answer in case of misplaced password; the Company Customer Care would need this as your identification, to reveal your password to you only


Q: Do I need to have any educational qualification to be a MyBooster Member?

A: The MyBooster opportunity is open to all – you do not require any educational qualification to avail it. At MyBooster, we believe in providing an opportunity to those who dare to dream and are willing to invest genuine effort to make their dreams come true.


Q: Do you have to be a certain age to join the MyBooster Business?

A: To register and do MyBooster business one has to be above 18 years of age.


Q: Are there any rules and regulations that one has to follow while doing business with MyBooster?

A: Yes, there are certain procedures and policies that have to be followed. These are aimed at observing and upholding the highest standards of conduct and are intended to mandate the practical operations of the business as well as preserve and protect the rights and benefits available to the Member and to promote ethical selling.


Q: Are MyBooster Members employees of the company?

A: No, MyBooster Members are not employees of the company. They are Independent Entrepreneurs running their own Business.


Q: What is Sponsorship?

A: Sponsorship is when you introduce a person to this Business, to make them a Member like yourself. When you Sponsor two members under you, they will be either placed on the Right or Left under you. The more you Sponsor, the more is your strength to get better returns.


Q: Does one ever get terminated from MyBooster Membership?

A: Membership can be terminated in case of violation of the rules and regulations regarding code of conduct that the MyBooster member enters into when in contract with MyBooster.

Product Purchase / Repurchase / Payment / Delivery

Q: How do I place an order for MyBooster Products?

A: Placing an order with MyBooster is quick and easy. As you browse through the products on MyBooster Website, you can select the items that you wish to purchase and add them to your cart. Every product that is displayed on the screen is available. If you haven’t logged in yet, you will reach the login page. A new user can register here or existing members can login to their account directly.


After choosing your delivery option and the shipping address, if the order is being couriered, you have to provide the payment information for the same. MyBooster offers you multiple options for Online Payments through the Net-banking, Credit / Debit Cards, various Payment Wallets (viz. Paytm, PhonePe, etc) and Cash Coupons wherever applicable.


In case you have opted to Pay by Cheque / DD, it can be sent to MyBooster’s Office directly or deposited in the Bank.


After providing the payment information you are taken to the order confirmation page, which gives the complete details of the order and also shows you the shipping address specified by you for the order. By default, the shipping address that you have mentioned in the Registration Form will be displayed here. An Order confirmation e-mail will also be sent to you.


Q: Where do I send the Cheque / DD?

A: The Cheque / DD has to be sent to MyBooster’s Office. Kindly write your Name and ID on the back of the Cheque / DD. Alternatively the same can be deposited in any of MyBooster’s Branches or Franchisee Demo Centers across the country.


Q: Will I get a receipt for my Payment?

A: Yes, an Online Receipt is provided, which can be printed. No physical receipt is provided.


Q: Is there any other mode of Payment / Discount?

A: Yes, you can obtain a Pre-Paid Voucher from the MyBooster Website. These Pre-Paid vouchers are available only at the MyBooster Website, www.MyBooster.biz . The Unique Number on the Redemption Coupon can be used only once.


Q: Are MyBooster Members required to make a certain minimum purchase?

A: To be eligible to earn performance bonuses, MyBooster Members do not have to maintain any PV or minimum Purchases every month, by recruiting or purchasing or both.


Q: How Is my Order Delivered to Me?

A: MyBooster provides you with different delivery options:

You can choose to pick up the order from your nearest Franchisee Demo Centre. The status of the order will be updated in your Member Panel.

MyBooster is committed to making sure you’re pleased with the products you purchase and receive the service you deserve




You can opt to courier the order directly to you. In case you want the order to be couriered to you directly, MyBooster has partnered with a logistics Company to handle your order depending on the state of the shipment of the order.

You can get the order couriered to the default shipping address given at the time of registration or you can change your default shipping address depending on where you want your order delivered. The logistic Company will process and ship the order to you. The status of the order will be accordingly updated in your Member Panel.


The installation cost will be borne by Direct Seller.

Help Videos to know installation process


Q: What is the Boost Assist Plan

A: Boost Assist is a Payment facilitation program designed especially for the purchase of MyBooster’s HI-TA-817 Buder Alkaline Water Ionizer for MyBooster Members. This program allows its members to opt for easy affordable monthly installments. A simple KYC without any Income Proof is necessary to participate in this program.


Q: How Secure is my Payment transaction?

A: MyBooster adopts stringent security measures so as to ensure that your purchasing is private, safe and secure. We have tied up with the Payment Wallet “PayU”, using the latest encryption technology and other methods to protect critically sensitive information, such as your personal information and your Credit / Debit Card, Net banking & Wallet details. You can be assured that MyBooster offers you the highest standards of security currently available on the internet so as to ensure that your shopping experience is private, safe and secure.


All of MyBooster’s servers are behind security firewalls to ensure maximum protection of your personal details. In fact, shopping online with your banking details at MyBooster is even safer than using a Credit card at a restaurant because “PayU” does not retain your personal information. You need not worry about your information falling into the wrong hands.

Products / Technical

Q: What is Alkaline Ionized Water?

A: Alkaline Ionized Water has a pH higher than 7 and has a High Concentration of Minerals that help you maintain the natural pH of 7.365 in your blood. Alkaline Ionized Water has been scientifically proven to reduce the discomforts caused by acidic diets such as Acidity, Chronic Diarrhea, Indigestion and abnormal Fermentation.


Q: What is Hydrogen Water?

A: Hydrogen Water is energized water that is full of antioxidants that help remove impurities and toxic wastes from our body.


Q: What is pH?

A: pH means ‘Potential of Hydrogen’. pH below 7 means that the substance is Acidic. Higher pH means that the liquid is Alkaline. The natural pH of the Human Body is 7.365, which is Alkaline, and reduction in this pH causes serious diseases.


Q: What is ORP?

A: ORP means Oxidation Reduction Potential. It measures the Oxidation capacity of any substance. A negative ORP means that it reduces oxidation, and a positive ORP means that the substance promotes oxidation. Most of the Bottled Water and Soft drinks we consume today have a very high positive ORP, which causes Oxidative stress and Free Radical Damage in your body.


Q: What are the benefits of Alkaline Ionized Water?

A: Scientific Research has shown that drinking Alkaline Ionized Water can help control obesity and help in weight loss. Alkaline Ionized Water is enriched with Essential Minerals and Antioxidants that helps your body’s ability to combat age-related stress and diseases. These essential minerals such as Calcium, Magnesium, Potassium and Zinc dissolve in Alkaline Water and exist in forms that can be easily absorbed by your body. Alkaline Ionized Water has also been scientifically proven to reduce the discomforts caused by acidic diets such as Acidity, Chronic Diarrhea, Indigestion and abnormal Fermentation.


Q: What is the difference between Alkaline Ionized Water and Alkaline Water?

A: Alkaline Water is sold as health boosting water but the companies that do such things are misleading you. The difference between Alkaline Ionized Water and Plain Alkaline Water is that Alkaline Water has almost no health benefits. These waters are made and bottled using inorganic salts to simply give the water an alkaline pH. Alkaline Ionized Water can ONLY BE MADE USING ELECTROLYSIS. During this process the necessary Minerals and Antioxidants are dissolved which is a part of electrolysis. These are the qualities that give Alkaline Ionized Water its health Benefits.


Q: How much Alkaline Ionized Water should I drink?

A: If you are a first time drinker of Alkaline Ionized Water, then we recommend you to start with a pH of 8 and drink about 500mL to 1L of Alkaline Ionized Water for a week, and then gradually increase the consumption and pH up to 9.5


Q: Where are Buder Alkaline Water Ionizers Made?

A: Buder’s Alkaline Water Ionizers are manufactured by Hitachi Maxell Ltd. in Japan, and are designed with Patented Technology and Water Purification Expertise of more than 48 Years.


Q: What are Antioxidants and Free Radicals?

A: Antioxidants are found in Healthy fruits and vegetables and help in preventing damage from Free Radicals. Free Radicals are molecules that are produced in our bodies as a result of metabolism. If these Free Radicals are not removed from the body, they cause damage.

Alkaline Ionized Water from Buder Ionizers is enriched with High Concentration of Antioxidants.

1.5L of Buder Alkaline Ionized Water has the same amount of Antioxidants as 516 Fresh Apples!


Q: Does RO Purifier make water unhealthy?

A: RO Water Purifiers are designed to just filter your water. The Filtration System removes the essential Minerals from your water and makes it Acidic- which leads to serious diseases because of reduction in the natural Alkaline pH of our bodies and loss of minerals with bone density.


Q: Is there any filter in the Buder Alkaline Water Ionizers?

A: Buder’s Alkaline Water Ionizers come with a state-of-the-art Inbuilt 4 Stage Filter which includes UF Membrane that Removes 13 Different Contaminants including Lead and Chlorine from your Drinking Water.


Q: How often do I have to change the Inbuilt Filter?

A: The inbuilt Filter is designed to last long and should be changed after 12,000 liters depending upon the quality of water supply.


Q: What is the Warranty on the Electrodes?

A: The Warranty on the Patented Platinum Electrodes in 7 years


Q: What is Electrolysis?

A: Using Electricity, the molecules of water are broken into Hydrogen and Oxygen molecules. The Hydrogen Ions are attracted to the negatively charged and negatively charged OH- ions are attracted to positively charged electrode. So, the negatively charged Alkaline Water will discharge from discharge nozzle.


Q: What makes the Buder Alkaline Water Ionizers Unique?

A: Buder’s Alkaline Water Ionizers give the Highest pH range without using Harmful Chemicals and Solutions.

All the Alkaline Water Ionizers from Buder have Patented Platinum Electrodes that are designed for long life and saving energy and electricity costs while giving the best electrolysis performance.

The Patented Reverse Auto-Cleaning System cleans the Electrode Surfaces for 1/50th of a second every cycle and helps to increase the life-span of the filters and improving the quality of Electrolysis


Q: What is the use of Acidic Water from the Acidic Outlet?

A: The Acidic water can be used for various applications for household uses as well as sanitary uses. Strong Acidic Water acts as an effective sanitizing agent and can be used to disinfect kitchen surfaces, cutlery and cutting boards.5.5pH Acidic Water is also known as Beauty Water and can be used for external application on the skin for its cleansing and purifying properties.


Q: What is the use of Strong Alkaline Water?

A:Strong Alkaline Water with pH of 9.5 and Above can be used for multiple used such as washing Vegetables to remove Pesticides, Tenderizing meats, neutralizing Seafood Odor and removing grease/oil stains


Q: What is Micro-Clustering?

A: During electrolysis, the large groups of water molecules break apart and are separated into smaller groups of molecules which are easier to be absorbed by the cells in our bodies. This increases the rate at which our cells are hydrated and help minerals to rapidly dissolve in the cells.


Q: What about the Installation of the Alkaline Water Ionizer?

A: A simple self-explanatory Video will be made available to you through your Sponsor or through your Member Area. Using this any Plumber can install the Product. The Buder Alkaline Water Ionizers come packaged with necessary Attachments and fixtures required to install the product. A simple to understand user Manual is also provided on the Website and will be included with the Product.

If you need any further assistance you can contact your Sponsor or contact the Mybooster Helpline.


Q: Do I need to buy further accessories to install the Alkaline Water Ionizer?

A: The Buder Alkaline Water Ionizers come packaged with necessary Attachments and fixtures required to install the product. However, depending on the quality of your water you might require an additional filter (compatible Pre-Filtration System Available on www.mybooster.biz) to be installed before the Alkaline Water Ionizer; alternatively your Sponsor will guide you on the same.



Q: My Alkaline Water Ionizer Displays ‘E 1’ error message. What should I do?

A: The reason for this error is high temperature in the machine. You can try switching off and switching on the machine and then try again. Please refer to the Product Manual for more information.


Q: My Alkaline Water Ionizer Displays ‘E 2’ error message. What should I do?

A: This error message is commonly due to high electricity surging through water in the machine. Please switch off the Alkaline Water Ionizer and then switch it on. Select the Filter mode in your Ionizer and run it for 10 seconds. Please refer to the Product Manual for more information.


Q: My Alkaline Water Ionizer Displays ‘E 3’ error message. What should I do?

A: When the electricity flowing through the water is very less or has stopped completely, you will get this error message. Please add Calcium Glycerophosphate in the Calcium cap after referring to the Owner’s Manual that came with your Alkaline Water Ionizer. Please refer to the Product Manual for more information.


Q: My Alkaline Water Ionizer Displays ‘E 4’ error message. What should I do?

A: Users commonly get this error after the Alkaline Water Ionizer has been running for a long time. To fix this error message, please switch off the Alkaline Water Ionizer and wait for 5-10 minutes. Please refer to the Product Manual for more information.


Q: Change in taste of water. What should we do now?

A: This happens mostly because the Pre-Filters connected with the machine has expired. You can call nearest Franchise or directly on MYBooster Helpline number – 7350429999. They will check your filters and will replace the filters.


Q: White residue is depositing on utensils. Why it is happening? How to keep our utensils clean?

A: White residue depositing on utensils because the continuous storage of Alkaline Water in those utensils. It is nothing but deposition of Calcium from the water. It is not harmful. To keep utensils clean, please release 5.5 pH water from the machine daily for 2-3 minutes. And wash utensils with Vinegar which will help in removing white residue.


Q: pH & ORP of the water is not matching as the Sales Person explained to us.

A: pH & ORP of the water depends upon the source of the water as well as TDS of the water. So, there might be slight difference in actual readings.


Q: Can you give assurance that it cures Cancer, Diabetes?

A: We are not claiming that it cures Cancer, Diabetes etc. The Alkaline water just helps in improving immune system of the person as Alkaline Water provides necessary minerals required by the body that are dissolved in water. If anybody is claiming such thing then please inform to the company.


Q: How many times in a day can we use H2 (Hydrogen) button of the machine? We are not getting H2 bubbles in water? What is the % of H2 in water when we press H2 button? When should we drink H2 rich water? How will it impact on HI-TA 817’s performance when we use H2 button continuously?

A: You can use H2 button of the machine whenever you want. There is no limit on the use of H2 water. But it is recommended that you should use H2 button only when you are de-hydrated or exhausted. Sometimes, you cannot see H2 bubbles in the water even after pressing H2 button because there is less Oxygen dissolved into the water.

You can measure H2 in water using hydrogen concentration measurement machine.  You will get reading in ppm (Parts Per Million) or ppb (Parts Per Billion) of H2 in water. Pressing H2 button regularly won’t impact the functioning of HI-TA 817.


Q: Is the H2 bottle water Acidic or Alkaline?

A: The water in Hydrogen Water Generator Bottle is neither Acidic nor Alkaline. Basically, Hydrogen Rich water helps in reducing the oxidation level within our body by creating a bond with Free Radicals and works as an Antioxidant.


Q: When & how can we change the filter of the machine?

A:  We need to change the Internal Filter of Ionizer when Ionizer Screen prompts – Replace filter. The Ionizer will warn when there will be just 400 Liter processing capacity is remaining with the filter.

Pre-Filters need to be changed in  –

Pre-Filter 5 Micron PP Filter – 3 Months

Pre-Filter Carbon Filter – 6 Months

Sediment 1 Micron PP Filter – 9 Months


Q: Machine is getting hot & gives E-1 error when we use it for more than 8-10 minutes. What should we do?

A: Due to continuous electricity flow, fluctuation in voltage, sometimes machine gets heated & shows E-1 error. This is the system to protect the Platinum Plates of the Ionizer from major damage. In this case, we have to stop electricity flow for 3-5 minutes. Filtered water will come out of machine which is drinkable. To get Alkaline water you can start the electricity flow again in 5 minutes & press appropriate pH button.


Q: What pH water should we drink at what time? Like Before meal/after meal? Is there any specific day timing for drinking Alkaline Water? How much Alkaline Water should we drink in a day?

A: There is no specific time to drink alkaline water. You can drink alkaline ionized water at any time. But It is recommended that you should keep ½ an hour gap before and after your lunch and dinner if you are drinking alkaline water. You can drink pH 8.5 water. If you are feeling fine after drinking water and there are no side effects like loose motions etc. then you can gradually increase & drink 9 pH water & then 9.5 pH water keeping 15 days gap each time.


It is recommended that you should daily at least 2-3 liters of Alkaline Ionized Water.


Note – Don’t use Alkaline Ionized Water while you are taking medicines or kids below 5 years of age.

Q: When machine was new water flow was good but now water flow is low.

A: This can happen because your filters are not replaced at right time. As per the quality of water coming to your tap, filter can get damaged early also because of which it reduces the water flow. In that case Customer has to replace the filter.


Q: How to replace battery of H2 bottle?

A: Don’t try to repair any part of the Ionizer as well as Hydrogen Water Generator Bottle because it could lead to void warranty off your Product. If any improper functioning and working of the product you purchased then please contact your nearest dealer or call on 7350429999 MYBooster Helpline Number.

Repairs / Products Replacements

Q: What do I do if the Ionizer stops working?

A: Call Customer Support Helpline on +91 7350429999 between 10:00 am to 06:00 pm with your issue.


Q: In case the issue cannot be resolved on call?

A: Customer Support will guide you to the nearest MyBooster Franchise in your city. In the case you don’t have a franchise in your city, the customer will have to dispatch the Ionizer to the nearest available franchise through courier.


Q: Product Replacements

A: MyBooster gives one year free repair warranty on the machine and 7 years warranty on the Platinum Electrodes

Step by step Registration guide

Visit the Website www.MyBooster.biz



Click on “Register” (at extreme Top Right), you will get the following Page



Fill in your Sponsor’s details ( viz Introducer’s ) ID ..His name will appear below the ID for you to recheck. The Placement ID if not given by your Introducer will be the same as Sponsor ID by default.



Click on Next. Fill in the details as required



On clicking “Finish” you will be successfully Registered as a MyBooster Member



You will receive the following email in your Email ID provided



Go to the Website www.MyBooster.biz. Click on “Login”



You will get the following page, after clicking “Login”




You will be forcibly guided to change your Login Password at the first login, if you have not done so already! ! Just a word of caution kindly do not share your Password with anybody…and that the Login Password & Transaction Password cannot be same.




Once you have changed your Passwords, you can login to your Account



Do’s and Don’ts


  1. To have best results for pH & ORP, maintain the water flow at min flow rate that helps the machine to perform
  2. Always run 5.5pH ( beauty water/ acidic water) for 2-3 mins, this shall keep the electrode clean and increase machines performance
  3. Ensure that the  discharge & exhaust hoses are min. 20 cm apart from each other in water falling condition
  4. Always select pH button before you open the tap
  5. To have better h2 content; select the pH to 9.5 or drinkable pH & then press H2 button and open the tap at slow flow rate
  6. First run 5.5pH water for some time(2-3mins), close the tap, select strong alkaline button and open the tap slowly to get good slow water flow, allow some water to let go and the resultant discharge water is strong alkaline/ strong acidic at other end


  1. Do not run the water pipe connections run through across the wall, install the machine at short distance & in-line to the same height level of water flow connection
  2. Do not Install the machine without voltage stabilizer,

Actions to be taken When the flow is less :


Check the pipe line connections, how long and at what height the pipe line is moving around.

Ensure that the pipe connections are at closely connected with minimal bends, twist or up-downs of pipes. Even if the water pressure remains low; install a pressure pump.

The machine can work in water pressure range of  10-50psi With adding on pressure pump the incoming flow to machine would increase hence it is important that the optimal flow is managed while opening the tap manually.


Few important tips:

  • In-case of high TDS ( > 500) , you have no choice but to put an RO
  • Set the RO to have output water with TDS near to 450, this will generate good results for pH as well as –ORP
  • In case, If the water consumption is high & RO is installed we also need to install a storage pressure tank so that the in – put pressure flow is maintained as required by the machine



Picture 1 : Incorrect installation practice 



Picture 2: correct installation practice 



Picture 3: correct installation practice