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What Exactly Booster Water Is?

What Exactly Booster Water Is?

There is a lot of awareness nowadays about building strong immunity to prevent Viral as well as Bacterial infectious diseases, as still we are fighting against COVID-19 and no such breakthrough in medication/Vaccine against this COVID-19 yet, most of the recovered patients showing better immunity than the victims of this CORONA attack.

Here one thing is sure that those who have strong immunity, are less risky to be a victim of this CORONA attack, immunity plays a vital role in this prevention and recovery process for such viral infections.

    1. Booster Water  / Ionized Water and its role in building strong immunity are now much more explored through various researches conducted in Cancer Treatment Hospitals and many Doctors recommending this Booster / Ionized / Alkaline Water, i.e. Booster Water for prevention as well as faster recovery in many fatal ailments including Cancer, Diabetes and Heart Diseases. If that much is the importance of Booster Water in Human life, then one must know the exact nature of this Booster Water.So, What exactly Booster Water Is?

Booster / Ionized alkaline water

In nature, Booster / Ionized Water is most often found in mountain streams where water bounces off rocks, which results in a mild ionization effect by the creation of hydroxyl ions. The ionization of water also occurs in other places such as waterfalls or waves crashing onto a beach. These two natural events also create negative ions in the environment.

“Ionization happens in the body as oxygen and hydrogen atoms gain or lose electrons, making them electrically charged and therefore more chemically active.”

Consuming fresh Booster / Ionized Water puts an electrical charge into the body the same way that raw fruits and vegetables do. Raw foods have this charge because they are full of enzymes, electrons, and electrical activity, which is facilitated by the mineral content of the plants the same way it is for us. We are also bio-electrical, meaning that electricity conducts through the body when there are sufficient amounts of minerals present for electricity to flow. If these minerals are absent from the body it will not function properly. In the total absence of these minerals, the body and its organs will cease to function and we will die.

Because active oxygen can damage normal tissue, it is essential to scavenge this active oxygen from the body before it can cause the disintegration of healthy tissue. If we can find an effective method to block the oxidation of healthy tissue by active oxygen, then we can attempt to prevent disease. This is accomplished by drinking Booster / Ionized Water.

A fresh glass of strong Alkaline Booster / Ionized Water right out of the tap will contain a cloud of tiny bubbles in the water. These are hydroxyl ions, Booster / Ionized Water’s other antioxidant components. The best way to drink Booster / Ionized Water is as fresh as possible. Drinking cloudy Booster / Ionized Water with its abundance of electrons is one of the healthiest things we can do.

There is no substitute for a healthy balanced diet, especially rich in antioxidant materials such as vitamin C, vitamin E, beta-carotene, and other foods that are good for us. However, these substances are not the best source of free electrons that can block the oxidation of healthy tissue by active oxygen. Water treated by electrolysis to decrease its ORP is the best solution to the problem of providing a safe source of free electrons to block the oxidation of normal tissue by free oxygen radicals. We believe that water with an excess of free electrons to donate to active oxygen is the best solution for this.

Drinking fresh, strong Booster / IonizedBooster Water on a regular basis will increase the amount of dissolved oxygen in the bloodstream. This is helpful in fighting many diseases since oxygen thoroughly cleanses the blood. Therefore, the more stable oxygen we have in our bloodstream, the better our health will be. Stable oxygen in the bloodstream means that the oxygen molecule has evenly paired electrons and therefore is non-reactive. Reactive oxygen is commonly referred to as free radicals.

A balanced state of health is that in which the body thrives and is most apt to operate to its capacity. However, if you change the body’s environment through poor diet, meaning foods that have been oxidized by processing or cooking, a buildup of acidic waste results. The consequence of this is an acidic state and a low pH in the body. To be healthy again, you need only change the environment of your body by adding alkaline substances that have an abundance of electrons such as Booster / Ionized Water and raw fruits and vegetables.

Booster Water reflects the characteristics of raw foods in several ways:

      • Booster / Ionized Water has an abundance of electrons as do raw foods.
      • Booster / Ionized Water has a negative charge, or ORP, as do raw foods.
      • Booster / Ionized Water possesses negative ions as do raw foods.
      • Booster / Ionized Water is alkaline as are raw foods.
      • Booster / Ionized Water is hydrating as are raw foods.
      • Booster / Ionized Water is detoxifying as are raw foods.
      • Booster / Ionized Water provides the body with ionic minerals as do raw foods.

Cooked foods have a deficit of electrons, a positive ORP, and an abundance of positive ions. They are dry and dehydrating. They also acidify and add toxins to the body. All these qualities lead to disease and therefore are the exact opposite of what we should put in the body. Booster / Ionized Water mimics many of the same attributes in nature that bring us health. And only nature can bring us true health. Vitamin and mineral supplements attempt to mimic nature although with dismal results.

Medicine attempts to overcome the natural mechanisms of the body, thereby attempting to control, alter, or outsmart it. Pharmaceuticals only mask symptoms of the disease. No drug has yet been invented that cures the body of any disease, nor will one ever be. Pharmaceuticals never lead to health, but only allows people to hobble along a little further as they become sicker until the quality of their lives diminish to a point where the option of death is more appealing than continuing to live with such agony. True health is only found in nature. Booster / Ionized Water mimics and magnifies nature better than any substance known.

One of the keys to Great Health is keeping body pH properly balanced and alkaline. Drinking plenty of Booster / Ionized Water will help achieve that. Living things are extremely sensitive to pH and function best when their environment is nearly neutral. Body pH should not be confused with blood pH. Blood pH is always stable in a range between 7.25 — 7.45. When anything enters it outside that range, the blood immediately pushes it into the surrounding tissue. Because of this, acid waste tends to collect around the organs and in the joints where it encourages organ disease and arthritic conditions of every kind.

When some cancer patients are near death their bodies begin to produce ammonia as a natural chemical reaction meant to counteract the extremely acidic environment that has been created in their body by cancer. This is the bad odor that some cancer victims have as they near death.

Alkaline Booster / Ionized Water is an Antioxidant that provides the body with an abundance of oxygen, which gives us energy. It possesses a negative charge, or ORP, which is also an antioxidant. It balances the body’s pH, which helps prevent disease because it is Alkaline. It is a Powerful Detoxifier and Superior Hydrator because of its small water molecule cluster size.

A negative ORP can reduce, or negate, oxidation. The more minerals in the source water, the stronger the Booster / Ionized Water will be produced. A low and negative ORP means that the water has a very high potential for reducing oxidation. Therefore, the lower the ORP of the water, the greater potential it has to reverse the aging process of the body at a cellular level. As substances become oxidized, their ORP rises. Oxidation means to react with oxygen. In the human body, oxidation is caused by free radical damage.

Thus, we counteract the aging process by consuming negatively charged substances, which dampen the positive ORP of our oxidizing body. Realistically, we need to drink at least 2 to 3 liters of strong Alkaline Booster / Ionized Water each day if we expect significant slowing and reversal of the biological aging process, which is determined by the health of our cells. Human health equals cellular health. If our body’s cells are not healthy nor can we be healthy.

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