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The water you drink has a huge impact on your health. Drink the right kind of water and you reduce your chances of suffering from health problems like high blood pressure and osteoporosis. Drink the wrong kind of water and your body can be filled with toxins, become acidic, or be robbed of essential minerals required for good health. Water that is not good for you may also contribute to premature ageing and illness.

What’s the wrong kind of water?

Water that is filled with contaminants, toxins, and has a low pH (acidic) is the wrong kind of water. Tap water and many bottled waters are the wrong kind of water for those reasons. What can the wrong kind of water do to you?


Toxic – Many tap and bottled waters are rife with impurities

Low (acidic) pH – Contributes to low pH which may lead to health problems

Oxidizing – Positive ORP (Oxidation Reduction Potential) promotes free radical tissue damage

Hard to absorb – Large water molecule clusters must be broken down in the body

Lacks minerals – Reverse osmosis, de-ionized, and distilled waters rob your body of essential minerals


Why your water may be toxic ?

Municipal water facilities do not remove all contaminants from water. Worse yet, many municipalities add chlorine or chloramines to their water to kill bacteria. Studies of bottled water reveal that many of them are nothing more than bottled tap water.

Why water pH matters ?

Your body maintains its blood supply in a range of 7.35 – 7.45 pH. Acidic water makes your body deplete its alkaline buffer to maintain pH balance. It does this by pulling calcium from the bones and elsewhere. Acidic water also causes your body to absorb toxic minerals like mercury, instead of healthy minerals like calcium.

What Oxidation does to you ?

Oxidants in the body promote the formation of free radicals, which are associated with disease and premature aging.

Why ordinary water is hard to absorb ?

Ordinary water contains mineral compounds like calcium bicarbonate, which can be hard for the body to absorb. Water ionizers break up mineral compounds, which then become mineral hydrates. These restructured minerals are readily absorbed by the body and contribute to improved hydration.

What happens when your water lacks minerals ?

Water is known as “the universal solvent.” When you drink water that lacks minerals, it will dissolve them from your body! This means that the wrong kind of water can actually rob your body of nutrition, and cause serious health problems.


Alkaline Ionized Water is by far the most superior drinking water available. Ionized Water is electronically enhanced water created through electrolysis. It is produced by running normal tap water over negative (cathode) and positive (anode) electrodes, which ionizes the minerals in the water creating positive (hydrogen) and negative (hydroxyl) ions.

Alkaline Ionized Water is negatively charged and alive with electrons, for which our bodies are starved. Along with its alkalizing and hydrating properties, Ionized Water is a liquid antioxidant, which is why it can be considered the best substance we can put in the body.

Alkaline Ionized Water is an Antioxidant, which gives us energy. It possesses a negative charge, or ORP, which is also an antioxidant. It balances the body’s pH, which helps prevent disease because it is Alkaline.

It is a Powerful Detoxifier and Superior Hydrator because of its small water molecule cluster size. Alkaline Ionized Water is alive with Hydrogen and Antioxidants, which are the most needed substances in the body.


Large molecules are broken into smaller molecules to improve absorption in cells


Acidic Body leads to 80% of diseases like diabetes, cancer, heart attack, arthritis, cholesterol, high BP, Obesity, Aging. Alkaline – No disease can survive in alkaline ric


POSITIVE ORP speeds up oxidation process & leads to fast aging and poor health. NEGATIVE ORP slows oxidation and aging and improves health


Alkaline Ionized Water - Redefining Technology for Health & Wellness!


What is Electrolysis?

Electrolysis is process of breaking the water molecules using electricity. Maxell’s patented technology purifies your water without leeching all the minerals to give you fortified and re-designed water which is the most optimum for human consumption.

All the harmful chemicals in your water like nitrates and carbonates are removed from your water, while the necessary minerals like Calcium, Iron, Potassium and Sodium are increased to give you that extra boost in energy.

pH – Potential of Hydrogen

pH stands for ‘Potential of Hydrogen’. It measures the acidity of any liquid. Pure Water has a pH of 7, which is neutral, i.e. neither acidic nor alkaline. The natural pH of Human blood is 7.365, which is slightly Alkaline.

Water from ordinary RO Purifiers doesn’t contain any minerals and is acidic, which spoils the pH balance of the body. Proper blood pH is required to improve the Dissolved Oxygen in the blood which helps the organs get adequate oxygen.


Oxidation & ORP

Oxidation is the chemical process by which any substance loses electrons and becomes inactive. This is the same process that happens when you cut the apple and leave it in the open air. The Molecules of the apple lose electrons rapidly to the oxygen in the air, and the Apple cells start to die.

ORP(Oxidation Reduction Potential) measures the power of any substance to improve or reduce oxidation. If the ORP Value is negative, that means it reduces Oxidation. Buder’s Alkaline Water Ionizers generate water with an ORP of upto -100mV, which is effective and reduces the oxidation in your body.


Antioxidants are natural particles that slow the process of oxidation and help the body recover from the damage cause by acidic foods and water. Antioxidants are found in Fresh Fruits like apples, oranges and pumpkins.

Buder’s Alkaline Ionized water has the highest quantity of Antioxidants with 1.5l of Alkaline Ionized Water having the same amount of Antioxidants as 516 Apples!



Buder’s Alkaline Water Ionizers manufactured by Maxell Ltd. have been awarded with many prestigious Certifications like the ISO 13485 Medical Devices Certification which has the strictest criteria.

Our Devices are also certified and approved by the Water Quality Association of USA along with Quality Certification from NSF International.

pH Settings for all your needs

The HI-TA 817 Ionizer has one of the widest pH selections which allows you to get the perfect pH water for all your needs!

You can find uses for all the types of water produced by the Ionizer, for example Strong Acidic Water is very good at killing germs and Strong Alkaline Water is very useful for washing pesticides away.


Patented Reverse Cleaning Technology

Other Ionizers in the market need deep cleaning and maintenance twice a year to clear the scaling and mineral deposits from their Electrode Plates.

Without this periodic maintenance, the ionizers start to lose their performance and become blocked over time.

Maxell’s Patented Technology makes all these Ionizers outdated because they don’t require and special deep cleaning or maintenance.

This is because the electrodes are cleaned automatically with an innovative technology that doesn’t even allow the minerals to build up on the plates.

Every second during electrolyzing, the polarity of the electrodes reverses and the stuck mineral ions suddenly start migrating to the opposite electrode because the charge is now opposite.

This clears the electrode surface so that there is no build up of any minerals and your ionizer is always at peak performance.

Comparison of Hydrogen with other Natural Antioxidants

Hydrogen is the lightest and the smallest molecule in the universe. It can penetrate deep inside your cells to rejuvenate them by flushing the toxic wastes and neutralizing the free radicals that cause stress and aging.

A lot of natural foods and fresh fruits have natural antioxidants, like lemon juice and green tea. But with the amount of free radicals caused by stress and pollution, just a few glasses of these fluids are not sufficient to reverse the damage.

Can you drink 10 glasses of lemon juice in a day?

It is not possible to drink so much and it is not a pleasant experience. With Alkaline Ionized Water, you get a large quantity of the lightest antioxidant in the world, and just 1.5 litres of Hydrogen Rich Alkaline Water contain the same antioxidant power as 500 apples!


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