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MyBooster’s Experts present the most useful Sales tips to help you close leads and capture more Business

Be Patient & Listen – Meeting prospective customers day in and day out can be a daunting task. When you make more than 20 calls a day you tend to get burnt out and start becoming impatient. The best solution is to take a minute, do some calm breathing and think of every sale as a new opportunity to boost your sales. Always be patient when dealing with new prospects and remember not to carry over your frustrations from one call to the next.

Charisma and Character – People are naturally attracted to those with a charming demeanor and those are typed of people who are best suited for sales. Some people are born with it, but don’t worry, you can easily learn the basic concepts of having a winning attitude by following some basic rules:

  1. Always be confident and prepare accordingly
  2. Fake it till you make it!

Remember Names- People love hearing their name. When someone remembers your name, it shows empathy and importance. Studies have shown that people are more likely to go out of their way to agree with someone if they feel a connection with the person. And the easiest way to build a connection with someone is to remember their name and use it while talking to them.

Avoid Arguments- All the prospects you meet won’t be interested in what you’re trying to sell from the get-go. Sometimes you’ll have to convince them and sometimes they won’t agree with what you’re telling them. When this happens, remember that a prospect is not just an individual. Every prospect opens up a door to a network of prospects who will listen about how you handle disagreements. If you do it well by avoiding arguments, you will create a lasting impression that will carry into all the other prospects you meet.

Don’t Oversell your Product- This is quite self explanatory but people are not idiots. They know when you’re trying to portray your product as a miraculous solution to all their problems. Be wary of old-age marketing techniques like overselling that have been tried ad nauseam. Nowadays, people like to do their own research so that they feel like they are in control of what they purchase. Your job is to give them the right pathways to reach their conclusions- not to bring the conclusion to them.

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