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MYBooster Anniversary.

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You will get the information how the Alkaline Ionized Water is helpful for our health.
How the Hydrogen Rich Water is helping to make our body healthy?
Your Water might be Acidic
Buder Alkaline Water Ionizer
Buder Alkaline Water Ionizers
pH Comparison Demo
Neutralizing Pollution and Smoke
Antiaging and Antioxidants
Household Benefits of Alkaline Ionized Water
Microclustering Demo
Removing Pesticides and Starch from Rice
How Alkaline Ionized Water Prevents Rus
Demo Experiments pt.1 - Tea Leaves
Demo Expts. Pt. 2- Pesticides on Vegetables
Demo Experiments pt. 3 - Mixing Oil and Water
Demo Experiments pt. 4 -pH comparison
Demo Experiments pt.5 -Washing Apples
Fortivitum Nano Supplements
Fortivitum - Nano Supplements
Superba Vegan Stem Cell Mask - Skinceutical
Stem Cell Beauty Innovations (SCBI)

Installation Videos

Buder Installation with Tap & 2 Way Diverter
Under Sink Alkaline Water Ionizer Installation
HI-TA 817 Ionizer Installation with Pretreatment Filter
Buder Alkaline Water Ionizer Installation with Pretreatment Filter

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