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Stockists Opportunity

Join the NEXT BIG REVOLUTION into Drinking Water Machine

Water that Heals Almost Every Disease :
Buder Alkaline Water Ionizer

Made in Japan


In pursuit of MYBooster’s ambitious vision, The mission is to create an unstoppable force by empowering everyone associated with a dedicated objective of achieving financial fruition and entrepreneurial independence through ethical business principles and fair practices.

Our business approach is simple. Recruit the best Stockists owners in the market and support them with unprecedented tools and systems.  Our Stockists model is built upon and will only thrive as a result of the growth of our Stockists owners.

With our unique business model and our cultural foundation, we continue to build an exceptional company and become the leader in the alkaline water industry.

At the consumer level, our singular goal is Client Satisfaction & Service Excellence.  Our unique approach about sharing knowledge and continuous evolvement through trainings, our proprietary technology platform, our Culture with Client First philosophy and our key preferred partner relationships allow our Stockists to set the standard of excellence in the sector.



Stockists Opportunity


Stockists Investment Approx. USD 15-20K

Stockists Opportunity


Stockists Investment Approx. USD 25-35K

Stockists Opportunity


Stockists Investment Approx. USD 100-150K


Stockists Opportunity


The Stockists Center is required to conduct a minimum of 3 Product Demos or Demo Center Per Week During its Operation

Stockists Opportunity


The Stockists Center Will Act As A Delivery Point for Orders from the Website to be fulfilled in the Stockists Area of Operation.

Stockists Opportunity


The Stockists Center Shall Conduct: Servicing, Maintenance, and Installation at Locations As Specified by the Company.<br /> SERVICE & INSTALLATION: The Company Reserves The Rights To Categorize The Stockists And Assign The Pincode As Per The Stockists Application.


The Company Reserves The Right Categorize The Stockists And Assign The Pincode As PerThe Stockists Application

Monthly Guaranteed Income: Company Will Compensate The Franchise With The Difference In Amount Between Monthly Guaranteed Income &actual Sales In Case Of Shortfall. The Monthly Guaranteed Income Will Be Applicable For1 Year Since The Date Of Stockists Commencement & Will Be Calculated And Disbursed Quarterly.

Stockists Fee Includes An Assortment Of Products From Mybooster For Display At The Stockists.

Stockists Opportunity

Apply Now

Please share some information about yourself, your current occupation / business and your interest into MYBooster Stockists.

For eg. I am Ramesh Desai from Songarh, Himachal Pradesh. I operate my business, we are dealers for led TV and electronic item. We have office/shop space of 500 sq ft. and a team of 3 people.

I am interested to apply for the city Stockists option of MYBooster. Please share more details.

Please fill in the below box you information as mentioned above

Buder Alkaline Water Ionizer - 7 Plates (HI-TA 817)

Energize your mind, body, heart and soul with the Award Winning Alkaline Water Ionizers from the World’s leading manufacturer- Maxell Ltd.

Highest ORP

Provides ORP upto -1000 mV which reduces the oxidation in the body by eliminating the reactive oxygen and slows the aging process to allow the cells to heal faster

Filtration System

Inbuilt 4 stage filtration system with 0.1 micron UF membrane that removes 13 Types of Contaminants with a Filter Lifetime of 12,000L

7 Platinum Plates

The Platinum-Titanium Electrode Plates are thicker and larger than the Electrodes of other brands which provides better electrolysis output for all types of uses.

Patented Design

Electrodes are designed using Hitachi’s Patented Surface Treatment Technology for enhanced durability and electrolysis efficiency.

ISO Certified

Certified by Water Quality Association, Illinois, USA and ISO-13485 for Medical Grade Device Manufacturing and Assembly.

Self Cleaning Technology

Patented Reverse Cleaning Technology which cleans the Electrode Surface 3600 times per hour to prevent build up of mineral deposits on Electrode Surface.

Stockists Opportunity

Hydrogen Water Generator Bottle (HI-TA 13)

Recharge your water and enrich your body with active antioxidants with the Buder HI-TA 13 Hydrogen Bottle designed and manufactured by Maxell Ltd. in Japan

High Efficiency Electrolysis

Very well designed Platinum electrodes does very quick electrolysis & generates Hydrogen Water quickly.

High Corrosion Resistence

Patented Platinum electrodes design which resists corrosion & increases the life of electrodes.

Hydrogen Concentration

Generates 900 ppb Hydrogen Concentration in just 3 minutes

One Touch Activation

Activates Hydrogen Generation of the water by just one touch. Very Simple & easy to use.

Rechargeble Battery

Battery of the Bottle is chargeable by using USB charger anywhere, anytime.

Portable Design

Can carry bottle anywhere easily, charge it easily & generate Hydrogen Water anywhere anytime when we want to drink it.

Stockists Opportunity


Comprehensive Scan DNA genomic analysis bring you personalised..

Better lifestyle interventions

A large number of conditions such as Diabetes,Obesity, and Cardiovascular Diseases can be prevented by lifestyle interventions.

Early detection

More options than traditional medicine! Early detection could help open different treatment avenues, diet and exercise routines, learn more about drug efficacy.

Highly cost effective

It provides more information to your health care providers, is highly cost-effective, and saves a large amount on health insurance.

Better health management

Getting tested early is key to better health management. Being forewarned is being forearmed.

Stockists Opportunity

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