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Knowing whom to approach and how to approach them

Not so long ago, one of our top networkers, Nirav, was sharing his anecdotes about how he met prospects from the most unexpected of places. He told us about his meeting with a prospect that contacted him through social media, and asked to meet him at his office. The prospect turned out to be a Doctor and Nirav was quite nervous about presenting his product in front of a Doctor for the first time.

After a long discussion and various queries about the Alkaline Water Ionizer, the doctor seemed pretty convinced about the benefits of the products and their technological advantages. The doctor was sold on the idea but declined to purchase the machine, saying he will definitely purchase Buder’s Alkaline Water Ionizer in the foreseeable future.

Now, what Nirav did was unconventional, but he left a bunch of his visiting cards at the Doctor’s office, asking him to refer some of his patients to him, in case their problems might be helped by consuming Alkaline Ionized Water. Just this one simple action helped him close a lot of sales and bring a positive impact in the lives many the people.

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