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Hydrogen Water – The latest technology in Drinking Water– Fad, Fraud or Fact?

Hydrogen Water is the most recent development in the health, wellness and lifestyle industry and is already making waves by being adopted by the most popular names in fitness today. But does Hydrogen Water actually give you the benefits that many ‘experts’ claim it does?

Let’s find out!

The basis of the health benefits of Hydrogen enriched water, or simply Hydrogen Water is – you guessed it right – Hydrogen. So first let’s go through a few facts about Hydrogen – It is the lightest and smallest molecule in the universe. Almost all the other elements in the world – like gold, copper, lead, oxygen and so on – began their life as hydrogen. Even our Sun – the source of almost all the energy on this planet – is mostly made up of Hydrogen. In the stars, the high temperature causes hydrogen to combine with other hydrogen nuclei to form heavier elements like helium, carbon and even some metals.

Hydrogen slows down the process of aging in the Human body by combining with reactive oxidative particles – called free radicals. These free radicals have been proven to cause damage to various systems in the body. These free radicals usually do not get a fast way to be expelled from the body; causing more damage the longer they live. Hydrogen readily eliminates these free radicals and gives them a fast way to exit the body!

So here are the facts, now it’s up to you to make the right decision!

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