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Giving a demo or webinar today? Here are some important tips for you to increase engagement.

When you’re presenting the benefits of our product in front of a number of people, it always helps to have better engagement so your audience’s interest in your presentation is maintained.

Ask questions and anecdotes during your demo – It is always advisable to keep your viewers interested by asking them about their personal experiences related to health and fitness. Develop a connection with viewers when you listen to people’s problems and then use it as a way to solve their issues with the benefits of your products.

Always carry free samples for your guests to experience the benefits of Alkaline Ionized Water first hand. If you keep in mind that your prospects will be more likely to purchase you Ionizer if they see the benefits themselves, you will close a lot more sales and help people solve their problems.

Use Fresh Alkaline water to carry out the Demo Experiments – Though it is not always feasible, you should try to always use fresh Alkaline Water from your Ionizer- The tiny cloudy bubbles of Hydrogen looks impressive to the prospects with the added advantage of giving the best results for all your experiments.

Never be afraid to say ‘I don’t know’ – but always follow it up with ‘I will find out and let you know’

You will always find new people who have genuine queries about your Alkaline Water Ionizers. You will know the answer to most of the queries but we can never know everything – and for that your should be prepared to say that you don’t know the answer but you will surely find out and get back to them.

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