Code Of Ethics


1.1 MyBooster Retails Pvt. Ltd. (the ‘Company’ or ‘MyBooster’) deals in electrolytic water generators, Electrolytic water purifier and Alkaline Water Processing machines/ Alkaline Water Ionizers, Nutritional Supplements and Personal Care products from different manufacturers and makes its Products available to consumers though Direct Sellers/ Distributors. This document, the MyBooster Code of Ethics is designed to establish certain principles required to be followed in the development and maintenance of the status of our distributors as Direct Sellers associated with MyBooster and the rights, duties, and responsibilities of each MyBooster Direct Seller.

1.2 MyBooster Retails Pvt. Ltd. honours all federal, provincial, and municipal regulations governing direct selling and requires every MyBooster Direct Seller to do the same. It is, therefore, very important that you understand the information in this Handbook. If you have any questions regarding any rules or policies, seek an answer from your Sponsor, Upline leader, or contact the MyBooster Retails Pvt. Ltd. helpline directly. Review the Professional Ethics and the Policies & Procedures often.

1.3 MyBooster Retails Pvt. Ltd. and its Direct Sellers have a binding contractual relationship. The terms and conditions of this relationship are provided in the MyBooster Direct Seller Application which is filled and submitted online on www.mybooster.biz , and amended by MyBooster Retails Pvt. Ltd.from time-to-time. MyBooster Retails Pvt. Ltd. may notify all such amendments to the Direct Seller by publication on its website: www.mybooster.biz and other places where possible.


2.1 “Marketing Toolkit” means all products and services (including but not limited to business aids, books, magazines and other printed material, online literature, internet websites, audio, video or digital media, meetings and educational seminars (inclusive of tickets for the same), and other types of materials and services) that:

  1. a) Are designed to educate prospective Customers of MyBooster products, or to support, train, motivate and/or educate MyBooster Direct Sellers;
  2. b) Incorporate or use one or more of MyBooster’s trademarks, service marks or copyrighted works; or
  3. c) Are otherwise offered with an explicit or implied sense of affiliation, connection or association with MyBooster.

2.2 “Company/MyBooster Retails Pvt. Ltd.” shall mean MyBooster Retails Private Limited, a company registered under the Companies Act, 2013 having its Corporate Office at Pheidon House, 64, Shivaji CHS, Off. S.B. Road, Pune – 411016, India.

2.3 “Earnings” means any income achieved by an MyBooster Direct Seller in the form of commissions, fixed or variable, direct or indirect, rewards, bonuses or in other forms.

2.4 “MyBooster Direct Seller” shall mean a person appointed by MyBooster Retails Pvt. Ltd. on a principal-to-principal basis through MyBooster Direct Seller Agreement to undertake sale, distribution and marketing of MyBooster’s Products and to register Preferred Customers.

2.5 “MyBooster Compensation Plan” means the plan providing details of MyBooster’s performance incentive system, sponsoring procedure and guidelines, Policies and Procedures regarding selling MyBooster’s products as amended from time to time by MyBooster India, and which forms an integral part of the MyBooster Direct Seller Agreement.

2.6 “MyBooster Direct Seller Agreements” shall mean the agreement setting forth the terms and conditions for a Direct Seller, entered into through MyBooster Direct Seller Application on the Website, inclusive of its terms and conditions and includes following:

  1. a) The terms and conditions forming part of the MyBooster Direct Seller Application
  2. b) The MyBooster Direct Seller Code of Ethics with Policies and Procedures.
  3. c) MyBooster Compensation Plan

2.7 “Products” means all products and services including Literature, training and other support material, made available by MyBooster Retails Pvt. Ltd. to its Direct Sellers.

2.8 “Sponsor” means an MyBooster Direct Seller who (in compliance with all applicable requirements) recommends to MyBooster Retails Pvt. Ltd. an applicant for authorization as a MyBooster Direct Seller and who in turn is assigned by the Company to support the recommended applicant if the same is accepted by the Company as an MyBooster Direct Seller.

2.9 “Zero Tolerance” means not allowing any undesirable behaviour to continue and imposing definite sanctions against individuals found indulging in such adverse conduct.


As a Direct Seller associated with MyBooster Retails Pvt. Ltd., I agree to conduct my MyBooster Business according to the following ethical guidelines:

  1. I will be honest and fair in my dealing as a Direct Seller.
  2. I will follow the Policies and Procedure Handbook and Terms and Conditions of distributorship as mentioned in MyBooster Direct Seller Application as well as all applicable laws, rules and regulations observing not only “the letter” but also “the sprit” thereof.
  3. I will perform my Direct seller business in a manner that will enhance my reputation and the positive reputation established by MyBooster.
  4. I will present MyBooster’s Products and the MyBooster’s Compensation Plan to all prospective Direct Sellers and Customers in an accurate, fair, truthful and honest manner, and I will make sure to present only what is approved in official MyBooster publications.
  5. I will fulfil my leadership responsibility as a Sponsor, which include training, supporting and communicating with the Direct Sellers in my organization.
  6. I will not engage in deceptive or illegal practices and will not misrepresent MyBooster Products or the Compensation Plan. In my MyBooster product sales activities, and for the purposes of protecting the MyBooster Compensation Plan, I will use only the Company’s authorized publications.
  7. I understand and agree that I am solely responsible for all financial and/or legal obligations I incurred in the course of my business as a MyBooster Direct Seller and will discharge all debts and duties as required of a Direct Seller.


4.1 Application:

To become a MyBooster Direct Seller, an applicant must fill the Form available on the Website by registering and be sponsored by an existing MyBooster Direct Seller in good standing. Upon such Application being accepted, the person(s) become an MyBooster Direct Seller.

4.2 Requirements for becoming a MyBooster Direct Seller:

a) Applicant must be above the age of 18 years, be of sound mind and not disqualified from contracting by any law.

b) Applicant must submit the following

i) duly filled in Application form;

ii) copy of Government issued Identity Card;

iii) copy of residential proof;

iv) copy of Permanent Account Number (PAN) Card;

v) passport size photograph; and

vi) cancelled bank cheque with Bank Account Details.

(Any of the following document to be furnished as proof of address i.e Aadhar card/voter ID/ driving license/ Ration card/ passport etc.)

  1. c) Applicant must be a citizen and resident of India.

4.3 Right to accept/reject:

The Company reserves the right to accept or to reject any applications for MyBooster Direct Sellers/Preferred Customers without having to give any explanation whatsoever.

4.4 Registration:

MyBooster appoints, as of the effective date, the individual (s) identified in the Direct Seller application, or if applicable, the legal entity listed therein (the entity), as a Direct Seller of the MyBooster products, and the applicant(s) agree(s) to such appointment. Company reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to accept or refuse any application. MyBooster does not charge any registration, joining or renewal fee. Upon acceptance, the person will remain a Direct Seller for a period of 24 months. To keep the Direct Seller status beyond this period, the Direct Seller needs to demonstrate his/her activity during the past 12 months.

4.5 Prohibited Practices:

No applicant, as a condition to becoming a new MyBooster Direct Seller shall be required to, nor any currently authorised MyBooster Direct Seller, as conditions to provided assistance to a prospective or new or existing MyBooster Direct Seller, in the development of their MyBooster Distributorship, required the prospective or new or existing MyBooster Direct Seller to:

a) Pay any joining fee or purchase any specified number of products.

b) Maintain a specified minimum inventory.

c) Purchase large quantity of inventory solely for the purpose of qualifying for sales bonus or rank advancement.

d) Promote inventory loading in the distribution channel.

e) Purchase tapes, literature, audio-visual aids, or other materials or programs.

f) Purchase tickets for and/or attend or participate in, seminars, or other meetings.

4.6 Mandatory Orientation Session:

The applicant must have undergone the Orientation session to understand the all aspect of direct selling business, remuneration system and expected remuneration for new MyBooster Direct Seller.

4.7 Abide by Rules:

The applicant shall confirm that he has read the Policies and Procedures Handbook and has completely understood all contents before filling out his MyBooster Direct Seller Application or Preferred Customer Application. He must also abide by all the regulations and stipulations governing MyBooster Direct Sellers/ Preferred Customers.

4.8 Effective Date and Authorisation for order:

An application shall be considered accepted when the Company informs/notifies the MyBooster Direct Seller accordingly and an applicant becomes a direct seller when the Company accepts such application and conveys such acceptance by issuance of identification card. The MyBooster Direct Seller may order products through the Website immediately after receipt of relevant notification by the Company.

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