Ionized Alkaline Water

pH and ORP are the most important properties of drinking water. Both pH and ORP affect the quality of drinking water. pH is usually measured using a pH indicator liquid and ORP can be measured directly from your Buder Alkaline Water Ionizer.


What is Oxidation –

Whenever our body burns energy for our activities, there are waste byproducts generated that accumulate near the cells. These wastes include carbon dioxide molecules and free radicals that are acidic. These waste products gather in our cells over time and cause oxidative stress, which leads to many diseases.


Natural elements that slow down aging and reduce stress – Antioxidants –

These are miracle elements that balance the acidic byproducts and help purify the blood. Antioxidants are found in natural health foods such as fresh apples and green vegetables. Ionized Alkaline Water has one of the highest amounts of antioxidants which purify the body from waste products.


What is ORP –

ORP Stands For Oxidation Reduction Potential – It Measures Antioxidant Quality of Substances, i. e. negative ORP values reduce the rate of oxidation and Lower ORP increases Antioxidant Content. Buders Alkaline Water Ionizers oer the best ORP of upto -1000mV among all Ionizers


Your RO Water purifiers may actually be HARMFUL for your health! –

Most of the RO Water purifiers tested by us have scored very low water quality. PURITY IS NOT THE SAME AS QUALITY. Water is the most important source of dissolved minerals in our body and RO purifiers blindly filter all the essential minerals.

The pH test from most RO Purifiers comes as highly acidic, which means that water from these RO Purifiers can actually harm the body.

Alkaline Water

Why is pH important for Health? –

The human body has a natural alkaline pH. The pH of the blood is also about 7.4, which is alkaline. Our blood is important for providing oxygen for our body and taking away the carbon dioxide which is produced. Carbon dioxide in our blood causes it to be acidic and reduces the oxygen. Acidic food and water are causing so many health problems such as acidosis which can lead to serious diseases like Cancer, Diabetes and Blood pressure.

Alkaline Water

What is Ionized Water –

Ionized water contains minerals and ions that have either gained or lost electron charges. Ionized water is of two kinds; alkaline ionized water and acidic ionized water. De-ionized water is electrically neutral, and has no dissolved minerals, hence it can’t be ionized. De-ionized water is not natural, it can only be made using distillation or reverse osmosis. That’s right! Modern Water purifiers make your water unnatural and leech out the minerals!


What is Alkaline Water – 

Alkaline water has been consumed in Asia for decades to improve health. It was first discovered in Japan in the 1950’s. Over the years, it has been researched by medical professionals and adopted by millions of families. Ionized Alkaline Water is one of the reasons that Japanese people have such high life expectancies.


What is Acidic Water –

Acidic water has a pH of below 7. Acidic water is used externally, for hair and skin rather than consumed. Strong acidic water can be used to sanitize kitchen counters, cutting boards, and other surfaces.


How can Ionized Alkaline Water improve my health? –

Ionized Alkaline Water has been scientifically proven to provide many health benefits when used for drinking regularly. Some of them are :

Neutralizes the Free Radicals that Cause Disease and Aging

Normalizes Blood Pressure & Prevents Hypertension

Hydrates 3 Times Better Because of 0.5 nM Microclusters

Prevents Serious Diseases like Cancer and Diabetes by slowing Oxidation

Alkaline Water

Why Alkaline Ionized Water is good for health? –

Alkaline Ionized Water has pH greater than 7 and contains a high concentration of Healthy Mineral Ions and Dissolved Oxygen. The natural pH of Human Blood is approximately 7.4 which is Alkaline, and drinking Alkaline Ionized Water improves and maintains the pH balance for efficient absorption of oxygen and water in our cells. Alkaline Ionized Water is also Microclustered, which means that the size of Water Molecule clusters are smaller than ordinary water and thus help in hydrating us more effectively. Alkaline Ionized Water contains Millions Of Antioxidant Molecules that Detoxify Your Body and Balance The pH In Your Body. Clinical Studies Have shown that Antioxidants can help in slowing the process of aging and Revitalize your Immune System. Benefits Of Alkaline Ionized Water of antioxidants.

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